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Virto Calendar or WAK - Export iCal file for single or recurring events

The most common compliant seen with the SharePoint events list is the inability to universally connect SP events with calendar clients.  iCal would be a great way to support this, especially since it would allow the items to be downloaded to offline or mobile clients.  Building this as an Action is the Virto WAK would allow things like emailing the iCal to registrants for an event (let's say) without requiring that they use Win/Outlook. 

Thank you for your request. I think it's great idea.

We will surely add it in the next version of the Virto WAK! We will contact with you.

I'm glad the idea is accepted.  In our use cases, we've had people ask how to add SP events to their calendars.  They've also asked if the Calendar web part can display an iCal link (Add To My Calandar) when viewing the item in the Virtosoftware calendar (e.g., something specified when the display properties are set for an item popup).  For the WAK, this would be extremely helpful, as mentioned before, since I tend to design my registration workflows with a confirmation email, and the most often requested thing is that I add a link to either the single event, or the recurring event (that is, all repeating instances of an event). 

I was looking in the latest version of the WAK and didn't see this option - is it in there and I overlooked it??

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