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Virto Calendar - Support for link to Document or Page object versus View Form in Library

When using the Virto Calendar web part with a Document or Pages library, the link points to the View Form, not the document or page object. 

USE CASES:  We have instances where proposals for grants or award notifications need to be viewable in a calendar format.  We create custom metadata for the document objects for the start and end dates (for example) for the grants.  Users can view the documents in the calendar and click to download directly from the calendar web part.  For award notifications, we have pages which are similarly defined with start and end date fields in the page metadata.  By showing the pages in a calendar view, users can see when items are coming up on submission deadlines (end date) and click to view the page.

Another use case is related to our website.  All pages have a custom column called "Review Date", when users are expected to review content for freshness.  By viewing in a calendar format, users can see what needs to be updated during the current month (or whatever view is visible in the webpart), and can click on the title to directly view the page, instead of getting the view form. 

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